Grow your business with podcast guesting.

We help mission-driven experts build 7-figure brands by telling their story.

Increase your revenue

Get a marketing system

Build a valuable network

You need a repeatable system to generate leads because…
Getting new clients from referrals is awesome…until it’s not. The reality is that without a dependable flow of high-quality leads your business is at risk.

With the right marketing strategy, you can impact your audience and grow your income at the same. And you’ll have a system you can count on.

Referrals can dry up at any time
Stagnate or unpredictable revenue
Having to work with less than ideal clients
Wasting money on ineffective marketing

Podcast Guesting is THE BEST way to grow your revenue and be seen as an authority.

You can grow your business quickly by telling your story and teaching about your favorite topics. It doesn’t require any ad spend, it’s a 100% learnable skill, and it’s an evergreen strategy you can implement in your business with just a few hours a week.

Increase your revenue

You’ll make sales directly from each podcast interview and, using our simple sales funnels, your revenue will continue to grow for months and years later.

Get a repeatable marketing system

The real magic comes from building a Marketing Flywheel that’s fueled by your podcast appearances and continues to generate ready-to-buy leads consistently.

Build a valuable network

While direct sales are awesome, the true 7-Figure Leap opportunities come from the many rich relationships you create when you do Podcast Guesting the right way.

Hi I’m Dustin. I’ve been in your shoes before…

In 2020, in the early days of the pandemic, I almost lost my business. I was struggling with paid ads that didn’t convert, inconsistent leads, and totally dependent on referrals (that were drying up).

Out of this frustration came the opportunity of a lifetime… [learn more]

What is the Podcast Profits Accelerator?

Our flagship program will add a 6-figure marketing system to your business in 90 days. Here’s how we make it happen…guaranteed.

Magnetic Messaging

Effective marketing starts with a clear, compelling message. We’ll craft the perfect words using StoryBrand frameworks.

Podcast Guest Profits

The right message delivered on the right podcasts is the key to unlocking consistent sales. Our 5P process makes it simple.

Scaling Your Impact

You should work on your business more than in it. That’s why we empower you with a trained Virtual Assistant to help you scale.

Optimizing Your Offers

When you have leads flowing in, you can 10X your profits with an awesome offer that your ideal clients can’t resist.

Simple Sales Funnels

You get interviewed, and the system we create generates leads and converts them into customers and raving fans.

Rapid & Repeatable Referrals

The Accelerator is built upon a Mastermind experience with other entrepreneurs excited to help grow your brand.

Here’s how it works

The best results happen when a proven system is combined with effective implementation. That’s why we make it easy for you:


Schedule a consultation

We’ll learn about your business goals & discuss strategies to meet them.


Start podcast guesting

Get interviewed about the right topics on the right podcasts to meet your goals.


Grow your business

With consistent high-quality leads & increased authority, your profits will soar.
I know this will work for you…
After building two of my own 7-figure brands as a podcast guest, I’ve worked with 200+ entrepreneurs to grow their businesses using our proven systems.

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Frequently asked questions

Whether you’re new to podcast guesting, or you’re looking to make bigger profits after trying it on your own for a while, you probably have questions about how it works.

Good news – we have answers!

How do I know if podcast guesting is right for me?
Our best clients are typically experts – coaches, consultants, agency owners, authors or brand builders.

You probably have a story behind why and/or how you do what you do.

If you meet these two criteria, and you have the ability to sell online, podcast guesting will work well to grow your business.

How long does it take to get results?
Our programs can have you pitching profitable podcasts in as little as one day.

The lag time between booking an interview and it getting published can vary widely. As soon as it’s published, you can start getting leads the first week.

After the interview goes live, your sales system takes over to start generating new profits for your business!

What if I’m not confident doing interviews?
You won’t get any better at speaking and getting interviewed unless you do more of it!

So why not learn while appearing in interviews that can produce results for you? You will get coached about performing well (and generating profitable leads) in interviews as part of your experience.

I’m super busy - will this fit into my schedule?
Our programs were literally designed for the busiest entrepreneurs. Depending on your starting point and goals, you can start getting results in as soon as one day.

One of the beautiful things about podcast guesting is that every interview becomes an evergreen asset that generates leads and sales without requiring any more of your time.

What programs do you offer?
Our flagship program is our 90-day Podcast Profits Accelerator. We also offer various live and on-demand workshops to meet your specific needs.

If you’re not sure where to start, simply reach out to dustin [at] 7figureleap [dot] com and share your business background and goals. We will point in the right direction!

What is a “Mastermind” experience?
If you’ve never been part of a mastermind, you’re in for a treat!

It’s based on the idea of “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – meaning a well-curated and facilitated small group can get far greater results than any one-on-one coaching setting.

Studies show that results happen 5X faster in mastermind groups than in individual training.

You’ll get insights, ideas and referrals not only from Dustin but from the other members of your group.

Your network is your net worth so don’t overlook this!

Do you offer a guarantee?
Absolutely. The guarantee is specific to each program, but everything we offer is designed and facilitated to ensure your 100% satisfaction.
What if I have other questions?
No problem, just email our team at dustin [at] 7figureleap [dot] com with any other questions you might have.
Curious what you could make through podcast guesting?
Use our free podcast guesting revenue calculator to find out!

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